Halaster's Lost Apprentice

The Chase Begins!

Episode 9: Xeres Arrives

Scott as Eldritch
Cooper as Telhami the Human Ranger
Jacob as Kintama the Theif
Jeff as Rhyn the Human Avenger with Guthrie the Bear.
Drew as Ulvein the Drow Warlock
Ace as Thorn the Razorclaw Shifter Monk
Mike as Miles Edgeworth the pompous human male Lawyer
Frank as Pork’n’Beans the Pirate
Tim as DM

The adventures descend the spiral staircase down nearly a hundred feet before they open into a vast empty darkness. A bridge leading down connects the stairs to the ruins of an ancient dwarven tower that rises from a vast chamber of the Undermountain. There does not appear to be any way down into the tower.

The great cavern fills with the sound of rushing water. A dozen chilling waterfalls cut the darkness into shards, and standing on the creaking stone of the tower, they have a spectacular if unsettling view.

Nearby, they see a crackling blue portal bounded in rune-carved stone. Farther away, on the opposite side of the tower roof, a new-looking bridge leads to the north and east.

The team confers and determines (with a few skill checks) that the tower dates back to the Melairkyn clan of dwarves, who settled this area before even Halaster came.

The portal flickers to life, its hum announcing an imminent arrival. The adventures ready themselves for battle, but the figure that emerges from the pool of magic is none other than Fayne. She looks around dazedly for a moment, then beams at them, “You made it!”

Fayne chats with the adventures and informs them that she’s been trying to teleport into the hidden chamber sporadically and has only now been able to do so successfully. She informs the adventures that they must have dropped the wards that prevented teleportation into or out of the chamber. She has come to help them finish their exploration, and then leave by means of the very portal.

Fayne’s smile falters as the portal flares again, signaling the arrival of six figures. The first – a regal eladrin with a rack of curling antlers – strides forth, drawing a sward that gleams with bright crimson light.

“Xeres!” Fayne says, stepping into the man’s path. “Ware-”

The demon eladrin blasts Fayne with a spell from his sword, knocking her senseless. He points the blade at the group. “Kill them all,” he commands.

From the portal out steps a few elves, drakes, and a beholder runt. The fighting is furious and the first causality is Guthrie the spirit bear, mowed down by an elf. But because it is a spirit bear, Rhyn is able to resummon the bear.

Xeres picks up Fayne and takes off down the bridge on the other end of the tower. Pork’n’Beans the pirate, realizing he hasn’t been paid yet, takes off after Xeres.


The beholder continues to damage the heroes and an elf slays Rhyn (DM: I rolled 3 critical hits in a row! Two attacks alone on Rhyn with a dual attack from the elf. This was my first player KO!) The elf turns form the dead body of Rhyn and intends to attack another hero, but Guthrie the spirit bear makes on last attack and kills the elf.

As the last elf falls, they hear, beyond the bridge, the sound of pounding boots and Fayne crying out for help. The bridge leads to another tower where a door hangs ajar.



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