Halaster's Lost Apprentice


Episode 12: The fall of Xeres

Cooper as Telhami the Human Ranger
Ace as Thorfin the Druid
Drew as Ulvein the Drow Warlock
Lance as Whyrun the Dragonborn Bard.
Collin as Mika the Human Gunslinger, um Wandslinger.
Scott as Eldritch the Human Warlock not named after the bolt.
Helen as Heskan the Dragonborn Paladin
Niall as Orsino the Human Rogue
Pat as Darka the Orc Slayer
Tim as DM

The adventures give pursuit to Xeres and Fayne. The sickly rotting smell of the charnel pit fades behind them, replaced instead by the sharp tang of a watery cave. The sounds of a rushing river surround them, filling the natural cavern in a dull, constant roar. They see pools of water gleaming with their own dull silvery light in the corner of the chamber.

At the end of a line of bloody footprints, they see Xeres, a struggling Fayne slung over one shoulder. He offers them a fearsome glare and disappears around a corner.

They turn the corner and see Xeres standing upon a rickety network of wood bridges, long withered with age and water damage. Fayne lies unmoving at his feet-unconscious or dead, they do not know. He holds up his sword in challenge.

“Come and die then, lesser creatures,” he calls. Then, in his other hand, he raises the portal key. “Or stay back and starve to death in this place, if you be cowards.”

As he stands defiant, a series of spectral swards composed of crimson light appear around him, flickering and slashing at the air.

The rickety bridge gives them pause since the last rickety bridge game them some trouble. A quick check determines that there is something lurking in the water and that the condition of the bridge might cause them to trip and fall if they move to quickly.

Some of the team moves slowly across the bridge and some make the jump over the rushing river. The adventures are taken by surprise by the elvin archers and the cavern choker hiding in the river. Worse yet are the deathjump spiders hiding in the ceiling. (When the DM asks three times, “Who would like to make a Perception check?” I recommend someone make a roll.) The deathjump spiders are nasty little things that leap over the party and attack the range fighters in the back with their “Death from Above” attack.

Telhami and Heskan jump across the river. Xeres goes invisible and ends up pushing Heskan into the rushing river. Mika decides to blow the bridge and take out a few archers.

Darka jumps over the river but then gets pushed into the river.

Telhami kills an elf and Whyrun spends his last heal on Fayne. Fayne recovers enough to disrupt Xeres’ protective aura before slumping back to unconsciousness.

The last of the monsters are killed and someone pushes Xeres into the river. As Xeres struggles, he looks at Fayne and cries, “Sister!” The current snaps his boby along like a doll caught in a storm. He vanishes down the pit at the end of the riaver in an ill-sounding crunch. He dies. Or maybe not.

Fayne recovers and pays the adventures. She thanks them for their services and…

(Here ends the Encounter for Halaster’s Lost Apprentice. Train now leaving to make things up for two weeks and crossover into the Legacy of the Crystal Shard module.)

They find a magic mirror dropped by Xeres. Fayne is able to make it work and they break into an ongoing conversation between some adventures in the north, someone named Gant, and someone named Hedrun the Ice Witch. It seems that Gant and Hedrun were working with Xeres on some diabolical plan and they were trying to contact him.

Fayne is alarmed by what she hears and offers the heroes an additional amount of gold to head north and join the other adventures to stop the Ice Witch. Using the magic mirror, the portal key, and the staff of the Apprentice Fayne is able to create a portal for the adventures to travel to Icewind Dale.



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