Halaster's Lost Apprentice

Hot Chamber

Episode 7: Lightening in a Jar

The Cast
Lance as Whyrun the Dragonborn Bard.
Jeff as Rhyn the Human Avenger! (Avengers Assemble!)
Scott as Eldritch the Human Warlock not named after the bolt.
Michael as Xian the Drow Archer.
Aurora as Ancana the Dark Elf Witch.
Nerisssa as Heretus the Tiefling Psion
Tim as DM

Just as the northern door did, the eastern door responds to the enchanted key and opens without being touched. It hesitates, opening slowly and ominously.

A set of sigils set into the stone in a 10 foot by 20 foot antechamber glow with a dull crimson light. Before you, just beyond the glowing sigils, the dark stretches twenty feet up a set of wooden steps into a room that is black as ink. Stale air sifts down the corridor.

The adventurers sense some sort of trap and hesitate near the doorway. Ancana declares that her darkvision cannot penetrate the darkness. Heretus determines that the sigil and the magic are powerful and beyond his grasp. Someone shoots off an eldritch bolt into the darkness only to see it swallowed up. Rhyn sends his bear into the darkness to explore, but only finds darkness.

As Whyrun steps on to the sigils, their glow turns suddenly bright blue. A shimmering barrier of blue force appears over the door, blocking all attempts to escape.

Up the stairs in the chamber, they hear a hiss that turns into a rapidly escalating buzz. A new source of light has appeared there, something that glows as brightly as the risen sun.

Light awakens in the center of the chamber, spreading fearsome radiance to all corners of the room. A ten foot orb that glows as brightly as a miniature star appears in the center, swirling with blue fire. It spins rapidly, then gradually slows, casting flaring arcs of blue fire from itself at random. This fire picks up along the walls, casting haunting shadows through the room.

They hear a voice screaming from within the orb, but can’t make out the words. Lightening and spellflames arc from the orb striking the adventures. The adventures try to break the orb with attacks or using Arcane knowledge.


As the last attack lands, the sphere shudders in its wake. Cracks spread along the sphere of blue flame, and it splits open like an egg. Inside lies a frail eladrin woman, who blinks dazedly up at them.

“Save me,” she pleads. “Save me!”

Then her eyes blaze with the same bright flame, ripping down her arms, and she attacks savagely.

Rhyn realizes that when the eladrin says, “Save me,” she means, “please kill me.” Whyrun, on the other hand, thinks he needs to literally save her. (This is a mechanic called fail forward. Lance failed on his insight check and this gives him an option to make things more interesting.)

The adventures finally defeat the eladrin. The final blow falls, and she slumps to the floor, crying out in pain and release. “Thank you,” she whispers.

Then she speaks a command word in an ancient language you do not recognize. A distant growl of stone comes to your ears, as of something unlocking.

“The way below is open,” the eladrin says. “Go, and honor her.”

Finally, they see the shimmering wall of force fade from around the chamber.

After a moment, as silent as a breeze, the ghostly woman appears, kneeling over the fallen eladrin and cradling her head in her arms. The eladrin grasps a locket around her neck and whispers something then sighs for the last time. Rhyn is the only one close enough to hear her last words.

The ghost woman looks up at Rhyn, nods, and vanishes.

The team searches the room and body. They find the locket worn by the eladrin shaped like a pyramid set with seven starts. Someone remembers that the symbol belongs to the dead goddess Mystra. Inside the locket they find a small painted portrait of a pretty human girl of about twenty or thirty years with long dark hair that curls about her as though alive. The also find a level 5 magic item (players choice).

The adventures take a short rest, gather their things, and head out the door.



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